Data Privacy Policy
By accessing this website, the user agrees to adhere to the terms of this policy. By providing personal details to RIL, the user is deemed to have authorized the processing of such details as described in this policy.

At Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), your privacy is valued and safeguarding your personal and sensitive information is a priority. RIL has embraced the “Privacy by Default” approach, ensuring data confidentiality is maintained from the outset.

This policy governs the handling, storage, and access to personal and sensitive information as mandated by legal, regulatory, or contractual commitments. The guidelines outlined here are in accordance with the following legal frameworks:

– The Information Technology Act, 2000 – Section 43A;
– The Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Information) Rules, 2011.

1. Scope
This policy is applicable to all individuals visiting this RIL website.

2. Information Governed by this Policy
RIL processes the following types of information:

2.1 Personal information refers to data associated with a visitor or a set of data points that could reasonably identify an individual. This type of information includes elements such as the visitor’s full name, personal contact numbers, home address, email address, gender, or date of birth. While a single piece of data like the date of birth may not uniquely identify a visitor on its own, when combined with the visitor’s full name, it may be adequate for identification.

2.2 Sensitive personal data or information (SPDI) involves personal data that RIL collects, stores, or processes, which includes:

– Passwords;
– Financial details such as bank or card numbers;
– Health condition;
– Sexual orientation;
– Medical history;
– Biometric data;
– Any information required by RIL to provide services;
– Information obtained and processed under any personal data category by RIL under lawful contracts.

Publicly accessible information or details available under public records laws are not considered sensitive.

3. Purpose

RIL will gather and utilize Information for valid business objectives as follows:

– To enable visitors to download product details, order products, and use various other functionalities of RIL’s website;

– To deliver information or interactive services via this website to the visitor’s email address, or by post to the visitor’s mailing address if requested;

– To solicit feedback from the visitor or contact the visitor regarding the services offered on RIL’s website;

– Sexual orientation;

– To process orders or applications placed by the visitor;

– To manage and fulfill RIL’s commitments under any contract the visitor may have with RIL;

– To foresee and address any issues with the goods or services provided to the visitor;

– To develop products or services that might fulfill the needs of the visitor;

– To handle and respond to inquiries, enhance RIL’s operational efficiency, and maintain communication with visitors regarding RIL’s products, services, and business activities;

– To facilitate visitor subscriptions to RIL’s news updates.

4. Collection of Information
Minimal required information is gathered for the purposes described in this policy. RIL is not responsible for verifying the authenticity of the information users provide. Usual business practices involve gathering information to facilitate secure interactions and transactions, which may include cookies and session data.

5. Modification and Withdrawal of Information
Users can amend their details on the website or withdraw their consent to use SPDI by contacting the designated Grievance Officer, as specified in clause 8 of this policy.

6. Retention and Management of Information:
6.1 RIL retains information as long as necessary to fulfill legal, regulatory, or business needs.

6.2 RIL has established necessary security practices and standards that align with global benchmarks, incorporating a detailed and documented information security program and policy. This framework includes managerial, technical, operational, and physical security controls that are appropriate for the nature of information assets RIL aims to protect. To ensure relevance and effectiveness, these measures are regularly reviewed and updated in response to evolving business, technological, and regulatory environments.

7. Disclosure of Information
7.1 RIL will not use or share Information for purposes other than those specified in this policy, unless it has the explicit consent of the visitor who provided the Information or is compelled by legal requirements. However, there are circumstances where RIL may be legally obligated to disclose the Information:

– When such disclosure is required to fulfill a legal obligation;

– When it is required by law enforcement or other government agencies to disclose the Information as mandated by law.    

  7.2 When required, RIL may share Information with business partners or third parties as part of routine business operations consistent with the objectives outlined in this policy. In such instances, RIL ensures that:

– The Information is handled in a legitimate and appropriate manner by the business partner or third party, adhering to the consent provided or in accordance with legal stipulations.

– The business partner or third party maintains a comparable and adequate level of security measures and protocols to safeguard the security of the Information being shared.

8. Feedback or Concerns
For any feedback or concerns regarding RIL’s data handling practices, please reach out to:

Mobile Privacy Policy

We are dedicated to safeguarding the privacy of users (“you” / “your” / “yourself”) of this website and the Mobile Applications we offer (collectively, “Applications”). This privacy policy (“Policy”) is designed to inform you about how we collect, use, and disclose your information through the Applications. This Policy is an integral part of the End User License Agreement (“EULA”). Any capitalized terms used but not defined here have the meanings given to them in the EULA.

This Policy dictates the terms regarding your use of the Applications and the information available through these Applications. It also details our methods for collecting, using, and managing the information you provide.

We reserve the right to alter, amend, add, or remove parts of this Policy at our discretion. To stay informed about our privacy practices, we recommend that you review this Policy regularly.

Utilization of Information

1. As you engage with our Applications, you may be required to supply your Personal Information. We utilize this information for various business-related functions, which include, but are not limited to:

– Processing your orders or applications;

– Providing and enhancing services, including service testing and improvements, as well as recommending products and services;

– Handling inquiries, complaints, and customer service activities;

– Answering your questions and addressing your requests related to the Applications;

– Informing you about new offerings or services and providing essential updates regarding the Applications, including changes to our policies or other administrative details;

– Keeping you updated on the latest available content on the Applications and exclusive offers;

– Conducting internal audits and analyzing data for the betterment of the Applications;

– Enhancing the quality and content available on the Applications;

– Safeguarding the integrity of the Applications;

– Complying with legal processes and providing information to law enforcement or during investigations concerning public safety, as legally permitted.

2. We commit to maintaining the confidentiality of your Personal Information to the fullest extent possible. This information supports our ongoing relationship with you and helps keep you informed about new updates and activities we offer. Personal information that is publicly available or accessible in the public domain is not treated as sensitive under this Policy. Moreover, any content you post in public areas of the Application, such as comments, messages, blogs, etc., becomes public and is not considered personally identifiable information.

3. We use Personal Information to verify your eligibility to access and utilize the Applications and their associated products and services. This information helps us to improve your experience and interaction with the Applications.

4. Regarding Non-Personal Information which is automatically collected and stored, we use this data to analyze trends, manage the Applications, study user behavior, and gather demographic insights about our entire user base. This information aids in our marketing and advertising efforts and helps us understand traffic patterns within the Applications.

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